Easter Transformation

Easter / Ishtar has come and gone. It confused me as a child why there were fertility symbols such as eggs and rabbits alongside a story about a guy dying and then becoming a liche. My research about overlapping festivals from different belief systems revealed that for some, the full moon after the Spring equinox was about rebirth; things coming to life in a way it hadn’t been before.

This is most evident in my garden. We have a pond full of frog spawn. At the moment, it looks like jelly eyes. Over the next few weeks, it will transform into something completely different – a free roaming, air breathing frog. Who knew we all had the power to transform into something completely different to what we are now? The jelly is safe, but if we are willing to change, our abilities and our horizons change.

The same is true for seeds. All the dormant, hard shelled seeds in the greenhouse are revealing an inner expansion – who knew something so big was hiding in that shell? The seed is safe, and the sprout is not, but it’s going to become an expansive plant. It will bask in sunshine, rather than being nestled in the dark. It is a time of transformation in our lives.

We all come from nature, and have the same rebirthing potential to become something completely different to what we are now. It’s time to let go of the dark, safe cocoon and live in the sun and realise our greatest potential is nothing like we have known before.

Unless, that is, you are Jesus, who remained as he was before his death.

nother thing that grew to bother me as a teenager and the resurrection story was Jesus’ blood healing the sick as it poured down the hill. It bothered me, as for some reason a perceived straight white guy’s blood was something revered. There is a perception that a gay man’s blood is inherently unclean, even if they do not have the presumed HIV+. Gay men were once banned from giving blood due to this belief.

Think of the way Jesus’ blood was obtained – torture and death. Somehow men injuring other men is a good thing. Did those getting healed ever think, oh, this has come from a bad thing, so I’m not going to touch it.

Yet, menstrual blood is deemed icky, dirty, unclean – a process to be stopped, controlled and hidden. Women have no qualm sucking their finger if they have a cut, but ask most of them if they have ever tasted their menses and the answer may be revulsion. And yet, menstrual blood is transformative. It’s how human life goes from two cells to a fully formed human. We’ve all eaten it, at the start of our lives. A great deal of research is revealing the healing properties of menstrual blood, but the media isn’t telling us. Let us transform our beliefs about our bodies.

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