Meeting David Tennant Changed My LIfe

There are days in life that define the life path you’re on. This is one of mine.

I met David Tennant during filming of Doctor Who on September 19th 2007. Yesterday was the eight year anniversary of that encounter.

It mattered for many reasons. Firstly, it was the first time I trusted a non-family member to provide disability care while I was out the house. Secondly, all the people I knew before my illness had left, and it had compounded my self esteem issues. So here was this person, this famous actor, who I found inspirational with his character work, finding me interesting. And not just casually interesting. It was difficult to know who was fangirling the other hardest.

David Tennant fanboyed my cosplay

David Tennant fanboyed my cosplay

This event was my first outing in full cosplay, and it eventually led to helping a photography student with her dissertation. A thousand photographs of me later, they invited me to experience New Zealand for two months in 2012. This inspired me to photograph every country in the world, and to finally get a photography qualification, even though I’ve had Photoshop since 2000…

The whole account is here, if you’re interested

What life events have led to to be where you are today?


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