Photo Poetry: Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

A life spent chasing rainbows is a life well spent
When the storm comes, don’t complain
Come out and dance in the rain
Feel the sun against your back

Are you ephemeral? Am I a reflection?
The same path taken, in a different direction
Meet me in the middle, or go our separate ways
Tell all the others that it’s just a phase

Stand on the edge and go beneath the surface
Send ripples to undulating shores
See four fold symmetry, like a clover

Is it pot luck to see you
Arch above and beneath me
Where the light touches
The goal that everyone seeks

Sun marries water at a certain angle
Gold trails beneath the horizon
Maybe we’ll glisten with the moon
Bow down gracefully before rising

Kiss me in the morning
And if Whitby sky is black
Where jet streams meet crystal teardrops
I’ll know the colour of your heart

reflected double rainbow

A reflected double rainbow in Whitby, New Zealand

~ May 2014


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