Lunar Eclipse September 2015

Setting your alarm for 3am, poking your head out the window and not seeing cloud evoked feelings of waking up to snow on Christmas Day. This is the rarity of seeing astrological events in the UK. This time, three phases at once – a harvest moon (first after the equinox), a super moon (closer than normal), and a lunar eclipse (the last of four over eighteen months). Such an event was last witnessed in my birth year.

It was nice to wake the cat up in the small hours for a change! Tabs, already putting on her winter fur coat, watched her silly staff from the bench. Frost formed around us under a starlit sky, with orange haze masking the horizon. For ninety minutes, the odd yellow light came on in neighbouring houses, followed by the red and white lights from cars pulling off drives as people commuted to work.

I communed with the super blood moon, drifting downwards as if it was injured. An eve of war under Ares, while messenger Mercury backtracked. A chase with two lenses pointing and shooting, one an automatic with a long sight, and the other a cross hare line up. A battle against the shaking wind, sacrificing my body heat to buffer the equipment. My nose hair freezing on the inbreath and thawing on the outbreath, the night air condensing on my exposed face.

A wispy tail as the moon moved, second by second across my long exposure. A silent vigil in the dark night. The cat yawns. I reminisce about looking down a snooker cue to find the angle on a red ball pot with my dad. Ghosts appear in the autumn leaves still clinging to their parent trees. A trick of the light.

Then, a glimmer. The moon starts to brighten as it is sun kissed. Light returns to the world, and soon a new dawn begins. The bright blue lights of technology screens ad social media connects the world in real time during a global phenomenon. People put magnifying glasses to smart phones in the dark and red north, while on the sunny flip side of Australia, golden skies and white beaches.

Lunar Eclipse 2015

Lunar Eclipse September 2015


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