The Kettle and the Washing Up

No, not a new book title… It’s a resource reducing and therefore money saving strategy.

Ever since a combi boiler was installed, it takes ages for the water to heat up through the taps. Contrary to product advertising, this put our utility bill up. One day, as I filled another three litre jug with cold water from the hot tap to do the washing up, the kettle clicked behind me for an evening drink.

A lightbulb went off in my mind. Electricity is cheaper than gas in the UK per kilowatt hour. If I use the kettle to boil the water from the cold tap, it can save me money. It can also save over a thousand litres of wasted* water a year.

My personal kettle strategy is boiling a whole kettle, emptying it into the bowl. Filling the kettle with water from the hot tap to take any residual heat from the kettle, then emptying this into the bowl. Continue to run the hot tap until the bowl has the right amount of water in it.

The water temperature is over 50oC, which is warmer than the eco setting of the boiler. The hotter temperature cuts through grime quicker, so the washing up is quicker and takes less elbow grease.

Last quarter, the gas bill and electric bill combined came to double digits.

It’s not like British people need an excuse to put the kettle on…

*I put it in the water barrel outside to water the garden


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