Reverse Advent Calendar

In the wake of fear mongering by controlled media sources, and a pretty rubbish experience in Marrakech at the same time, this year I’m doing a reverse advent calendar.

For each day in December leading up to Christmas, I’m giving away for free something that I won’t use again, or use so little that I can’t really justify keeping it.

I’d be pleasantly surprised if it happened one a day for 24 consecutive days, so as long as at least 24 things go freely, I’m happy. 24 is the minimum. It’s the Christmas spirit, after all.

I’m looking at the big jumpers that I don’t wear often, as I tend to layer up rather than have one bulky item. I’m thinking of the people sleeping on the street who need it more than I do.

I have spare carpet offcuts left over from insulating the loft that others could use to keep the heat in their house, or to have something soft to sleep on outside.

I’m looking at sites like Freecycle, for broken and tatty items that charity shops won’t accept, and that no-one would pay money for on auction websites. People still want such things to repair what they already have, or to repurpose. For instance, I hoover up tent poles from ripped tents and make greenhouse tunnels with them. Rough sleepers may delight in a tunnel ‘tent’ that protects them from winter, that packs down to nothing if they are told to move on.

I have Internet access – I’m literate enough and affluent enough to use it. So I’m thinking of those that are unable to access or use the Internet, and connecting items given freely to those who would otherwise miss out.

I have jewellery that’s hidden away in boxes, that never sees the light of day. It’s meant to be out on display, adding to the joy of life. It’s worthless if it’s not being used. There is joy in knowing it is going to be out there, reaching it’s full potential.

I totally overstocked on seed packets when shops were reducing the price to make way for Christmas items. I can give these freely to young families, to reconnect children with nature and where food comes from. They can learn the taste difference between home grown for nurture, and mass produced for profit.

I can give my time to people to put up their Christmas decorations. I can give my photography services freely, to capture special moments such as friends visiting for Christmas. Time is the one thing you never get back, which makes it the most precious thing you have. Stuff circulates, but time (unless you’re a Doctor Who fan) can only be given once.

Are you doing anything this December / Advent to create the world you wish to live in?


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