Photo – Big Explosion

Imagine that you woke up one day and a winning lottery ticket had been posted through your door. That’s how I felt today checking my inbox.

Viewbug (where I host my photos) seems to award photos, even if you haven’t entered a contest or competition. I have been awarded “Won Staff Winter Selection 2015” for my photo Big Explosion.

The image is one from my Iceland 2013 trip. I stood with my camera waiting for the geyser to go off. Every explosion was unique in its timing and magnitude, and the wind soon took the steam away. It was ice cold, and my nose hairs and eyelashes developed icicles. Sometimes this ice was initially 100oC water from the geyser heading in my direction.

Fond memories, and thank you Viewbug for thinking my photo is awesome.

What’s the best memory you have of taking a photo?


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