Imbolc 2016

Imbolc Blessings to you all. Personally, I celebrate on the new moon, which is also Chinese New Year.

What’s Imbolc to me? The start of spring. The earth is getting warmer, and the force awakens. It’s a slow and gentle process. It’s still dark (though tell that to my cat who wants to go out at the dawn chorus), and a time to recuperate our energies. Yet, small flower bulbs are pushing through, as they are fully charged on their energy reserves. Snowdrops, crocuses. Even some daffodils.

If spring seems early to you on a Gregorian calendar, it’s because Easter is early (it’s the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox). There’s a sense of completing things quicker. I’ve already pulled out my seed packets to start sowing in the greenhouse. But I won’t be planting them for another ten days. Why the wait?

I managed to book a last minute holiday to Romania, that starts on Pancake Day and finishes on Valentine’s Day. I understand now why it was so cheap. So people will be treated to my epic pancake skills a day early. My permanent positive change period is also upon us. Lent 2014 I gave up saying sorry. Last year, I gave up the guilty obligation words of should, ought and must. This year, in the spirit of completion, I intend to self publish my three short stories. Two are Silver orphans. One is new. I find that once I finish something, I have a lot more energy. It’s like having lots of Internet tabs open – the sooner you close them, the quicker the processing.

Do you celebrate Pancake Day? Do you change things at Lent, and are they temporary or permanent? Do you find unfinished tasks a drain?




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