Temple Dragon: Origins

I was recently at a National Geographic Magazine photo gallery viewing. It was a private invite, and I used my pen name for the guest list – Temple Dragon. Having used this name since 2010, I don’t think anything of it any more. But the hosts were intrigued. They thought I either had epic parents, or I was a hard core gamer. The origin and significance of the names are from this story.

Once upon a time, I died from critical exhaustion due to an infection. I had no energy to breathe or beat my own heart. I came back to life with my stubbornness, to have a better life than the one I had previously. This included saying yes to an invite to live in New Zealand.

Before this, I had booked my annual holiday to Cardiff. The holiday was a month after my stint in A&E.A friend who was going on the same holiday was a retired nurse. I sent her photos every day of my progress, to see if I was well enough to go. At some point, having been trapped in bed isolated from the world save for a daily email, I asked her to send me a photo of her. She said she wouldn’t send one that day as she looked like a dragon.

I did go on the holiday. The infection had caused me to lose two stone in weight. You could count all my ribs, but seemingly no weight had been lost from my backside. My friend commented on this. I told her my body was a temple to be worshipped.

When I say Temple, it means I have body confidence.

When I say Dragon, it means I can see beauty where others can’t.

The Temple symbolism of the logo comes from Stone henge, a temple to the stars. The Dragon symbolism combines the Welsh dragon for my Celtic heritage, and the Taniwha of New Zealand. This is why the dragon faces right. The logo is framed by the Southern Cross of New Zealand.

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