Beyond the Page

The full waffle

D.T. Dragon is described by their regular Tarot reader as having the heart of a traveller and the soul of a poet. Mensa says they have the mind of a computer. The health service says they have a body fit for the scrapheap.

Raised under castle ruins in Middle England with a tea drinking dad and a coffee drinking mom, both of whom spent an equal amount of time at work and with their children, odds were they would have intrinsic beliefs about equality and diversity.

A natural academic, and insanely curious, they wanted a degree as soon as they started primary school so they could continue learning forever. As soon as they started their degree, they became disabled by ME/CFS, and has spent their adult life looking at their bedroom ceiling for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, their British sense of humour has kept them sane about this coincidence. As they don’t smoke, drink or have casual sex, some people don’t believe that they have been to University.

As an asexual and an aromantic person, which makes them feel like a very special snowflake, illness came with one bonus – people stopped asking them out on dates. Actually, illness came with two bonuses – the people still in their life are the ones that matter. This is especially true of their parents, without whose free care, they would have died a long time ago. The ones that left, I’m repeatedly told it’s their loss. D.T. often looks to cats for inspiration, as they sleep all day and don’t feel guilty about it.

Their health was rock bottom in 2010, to the point they had no energy to beat their heart or breathe in. In the four minutes of transition between worlds, they decided they wanted to photograph every country in the world. That was worth coming back for. This is the “200 club”.

Thanks to the Internet, they have been able to continue learning whilst lying down, and it’s a very eccentric mix of qualifications and useful things to know. It is an ambition to have a doctorate in the environment, so they can save the world like Doctor Who. They come over all unnecessary when they see a TARDIS.

When not lying down wondering what they have done to over-exert themselves this time, they can be found fussing cats, chasing rainbows, belly dancing, rummaging in charity shops for inspiration to make their own clothes, chasing after long coats, talking about New Zealand, whispering encouragement from behind a camera, trying new flavours of tea and coffee, over-analysing TV shows, adding their voice to campaigns about equality, and listening to the voices in their head that want to be written down for other people to read. This would probably go quicker if their muse realised it’s fiction and not faction.

Sustaining the planet. Cats, coats and kiwis. Photos, poetry and prose. Will you join me in chasing rainbows?

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