Sustainable Living

I am a University trained Environmental Scientist. Einstein defined the environment as “everything that isn’t me”. This is obviously a large scope of potential. I have always been gifted with seeing how things relate in a giant web of connectivity. I have also been gifted in finding things out. This is an epic combination to possess.

If you feel I can help you live your life in a sustainable and nourishing way, please contact me. No query too big or too small.

For instance, a small scale query may be how to reduce negative environmental impact with food shopping, by only buying recyclable packaging and meal planning so you only buy what you eat rather than throw things away. Or if you have to have a particular item due to a fussy eater, utilise that packaging for crafts, cosplay, or perhaps gardening. It saves you money be either not buying so much in the first place, and seeing packaging as a potential resource rather than waste.

A large scale query may be a business starting out, wondering how they can save money by working in a sustainable way. From the production line itself, knowing to source organically made, sustainably produced, fairly traded items, to on site considerations such as the best toilet cleaning product.

As the Swedish say, everything comes from nature and everything returns to her.

All my consultation advice is tailored to your unique situation.

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