The 200 Club

In 2010, my chronic fatigue reached a point I didn’t have the energy to beat my own heart or breathe in. In Accident and Emergency, everything flat lined. In those eternal moments where I could choose to come back or go to the next life, I wondered what I could do with this body. I thought I could break free from my bedroom ceiling and photograph every country in the world, as well as the Poles. This is why I’m still here. This is my 200 Club, which you can track in my blog with the handy tag. My camera and I are going places.

If you can help me with this life purpose, be it funding, a couch to sleep on, or even fabulous recommendations of things to photograph, do let me know.

In addition to this reason for living, my region registered its own flag (I hope you are reading this in an Eddie Izzard voice – Do you have a flag?) in 2012. In Arthur Dent fashion, I brought a towel with the flag motif. It is coming with me on my 200 Club adventures, as well as my domestic days out. The Travelling Tea Towel of the Black Country.

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